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Math areas covered
All math areas outlined by the College Board for the SAT math sections are covered in this book. The mapping between these math areas and the sections in this book can be viewed by following THIS LINK.

Sample Pages
The preview of first few pages of this book, including the Content pages, is available using the Look Inside feature at Preview of 12 additional selected pages is available as page images by following THIS LINK.

Synopsis of Selected Sections
Section 3 of this book is devoted to word problems on linear equations and linear inequalities with one or two variables, and word problems on system of linear equations and linear inequalities. 

Section 11 of this book covers all the concepts that are required to answer the questions on probability, reading and interpreting graphs and events, statistical measures, and interpretation of data in studies and surveys. 

Mapping of categories in Section 3 and Section 11 to the questions on the SAT Math Tests 7 through 10 can be viewed by following THIS LINK.