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This book will prepare students on how to approach and quickly solve questions on the SAT math sections. The book contains over 200 examples and 825 SAT-type questions. A student who has diligently completed this book should be able to recognize the question-types from this book on the SAT math sections and right-away know how to solve them.

SAT Math question format 

I have spent over a year meticulously reviewing and analyzing the math questions on the tests released by the College Board. The questions and the language of the questions in this book are based on these tests.

Concise and organized

This book is concise and systematically organized as SAT question-types. Each question-type starts with relevant concepts as bullet points (things that students normally highlight), followed by examples and practice questions. The examples demonstrate concise and simple steps (usually one or two) to solve a question using mathematical concepts.  

Clear and consistent

Some questions can be solved using more than one approach. This book shows the mathematical approach that will work on every question of a type, every single time. Students do not have to wonder how to solve a question or what approach to use. There are no shortcuts or tricks that only work on certain questions or may confuse a student on the SAT rather than helping.

Complete and balanced

All math areas outlined by the College Board for the SAT math sections are covered in this book. The mapping between these math areas and the sections in this book can be viewed by following THIS LINK.

The SAT math sections have only 6 questions in total on geometry, trigonometry, and complex numbers. However, the topics covered are broad. The book covers all the relevant topics with appropriate balance of material.

No information overload

This book only contains the material that is necessary to answer questions on the SAT math sections and avoids overwhelming students with lengthy explanations. Students do not have to sift through paragraphs or pages, or mark the book for material that is important to remember.

Emphasis on word problems

The emphasis on word problems is unlike any other SAT math test prep book. Section 3 of this book is focused on word problems on linear equations and linear inequalities. Sections on quadratic equations, percent, ratio, exponential functions, and geometry also contain ample word problems that are representative of the SAT math sections. 


Mapping of categories in Section 3 and Section 11 of this book to questions on the math sections of SAT Practice Tests 7 through 10 can be viewed by following THIS LINK.

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