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Get ready for your next chapter!

Find unique study tips and endless practice questions  and answers in my tutoring services!

Prepare for the Digital SAT Math with a complete suite of books!

Want to improve score, or get a perfect score, or simply do a quick prep? Select the books that satisfy your goals.

KC_Desmos Digital Sat Math Prep Cover v1.03 08092023.jpeg

Looking to minimize errors: Learn how Desmos graphing calculator can quickly solve seemingly hard questions.

Quick prep: Check out candidate questions that can be solved utilizing Desmos graphing calculator with minimal knowledge of math concepts.

Cover image SAT Math manual and worbook v 4.01 05062024.jpg

Seeking a perfect score: Start your journey for a complete SAT math prep. Learn only what you need. Learn to maximize time and build confidence.

Practice Practice Practice:  Practice 800 questions based on released tests, including digitally administered tests.

Cover image Digital Practice Tests Edition 3 05112024.PNG

Rushing to prepare: Familiarize yourself with math concepts in the refresher course section and take 5 practice tests to acquaint yourself with the SAT math question-types.

Aiming to improve score: Take the 5 practice tests to gauge your preparedness.

For the best score complete all 3 books: start with Desmos graphing calculator and finish by taking the practice tests.

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