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Ela Sharma, Ph.D.

Helping a Student

Passion for teaching

Teaching has been my passion since my school days. I would teach English and math to kids requiring extra help. Driven by my continued desire to help students work through their challenges and do better at school, I offer personalized tutoring to students from kindergarten through high school. My goal is not only to advance my students in their core school curriculum but also to evolve and excel in their ability to learn and retain information so they can independently solve problems and seek answers. Over the course of years, I have helped many students achieve their target score on SAT and ACT math sections. I have done my best to write books that will enable students, in the least possible time, to learn and remember how to solve questions that appear on the SAT math sections. 

Why do I write SAT math books?

As a parent myself, I understand the stress and the anxiety high school students go through the college admission process. The college admission process is more competitive than ever; students juggle their time between studying to get better grades at school, memorizing for the AP tests, preparing for the SAT/ACT tests, working the community service hours, and participating in extracurricular activities.


My daughter was in the same boat few years ago. She bought most SAT books available then, and as expected, was unsure and anxious about which one to start with. As a math lover, I took upon me to help her with math. I went over all the books she had purchased but couldn’t really find a favorite one to recommend to her. That is when I decided to write SAT math books myself. Before writing the books, I analyzed all the released SAT tests. I wrote these books with the mission to provide students preparing for the SAT math sections with study material that enables them to get a perfect score while maximizing their study time.


My connection to the students who purchase my books is not merely as an author of a book, but as teammates. I encourage students to reach out to me via my website.


Love for gardening

Summer is exciting here on the east coast in USA. I can finally put on a hat, pick up a shovel, and dig some holes here and there. My vegetable garden consists of different types of tomatoes and herbs. I love to plant a variety of annuals in different colors in pots and in my mini gardens all around the house. My favorites are periwinkles, marigolds, and begonias. And I do spend a lot of time watering them.

By the end of June, my mini gardens are about ready for me to enjoy with a book and some iced tea.


Always for traveling

I could say that I inherited the traveling genes from my mother and passed them on to my children. For the last decade and a half, we've been packing our bags whenever we get a chance. Traveling around the world has given us a new perspective on our existence in society and on culture.

I hope that someday I can assimilate our experiences and, of course, pics and videos, and put together a blog!

In case you are wondering where the above pic was taken, it is at Falkland Islands with Rockhopper penguins on a blustery day.

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