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SAT Math Question for the week of 08/01/2021

The equation of a line m in the xy-plane is y = 2x + 5. Which of the following is also an equation of the line m?

A) 2x - 2y = 5

B) 2x + 2y = 5

C) 6x - 3y = -15

D) 6x + 3y = -10

Maps to Category 2 of the book.


Answer posted on 08/08/2021: Correct answer choice is C.

The slope of line m from the given equation is 2.

Since the answer choices are given in the standard form, determine the answer choice where -A/B = 2.

Calculation is not required. For the slope to be positive, either A or B must be negative. This eliminates answer choices B and D. Since in answer choice A both A and B are 2, the slope is -2/-2 = 1. This eliminates answer choice A.


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