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SAT Math Question for the week of 09/05/2021

The equation y = 2(x + 3)^2 - 4 graphs a parabola in the xy-plane? Which of the following is the vertex of the parabola?

A) (-3, -4)

B) (3, -4)

C) (6, -4)

D) (6, 4)

Maps to Category 31 of the book.

There is a flashcard for this concept. It is accessible from the Resources page.


Answer posted on 09/12/2021. Correct answer choice is A.

y = 2(x + 3)^2 - 4 is the vertex form equation of a parabola. From the vertex form equation, the x and y

coordinates of the vertex can be directly read.

In the given equation, the x-coordinate of the vertex is -3 and the y-coordinate of the vertex is 4. This is answer choice A.


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