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About the SAT practice tests

A total of 10 SAT practice tests have been released by the College Board.

Tests 1 through Test 4 were never administered.

Tests 5 through Test 10 were administered per the following schedule:

Test 5 - May 2016

Test 6 - May 2016 International

Test 7 - October 2016

Test 8 - January 2017

Test 9 - October 2017

Test 10 - October 2018


Initially, the College Board published Test 1 through Test 8 on their website and The Official SAT Study Guide book. Subsequently, Test 2 and Test 4 were replaced with Test 9 and Test 10.


Currently, there are 8 practice tests available on the College Board's website: Test 1, Test 3, Test 5, Test 6, Test 7, Test 8, Test 9, and Test 10.


Taking the SAT practice tests

The performance on practice tests that are available from the College Board or in practice workbooks may not always be a true reflection of how a student will perform on the day of the test. The anxiety and the stress of taking the test can prevent students from achieving their best.

To take most advantage of a practice test, mimicking the real test environment as much as possible could be helpful. 

- Think of a practice test as a real SAT test. 

- Create a makeshift setup, such as a quiet corner in the house or at a library.

- Follow the same pre-test routine as on the day of the actual test. 

- Wake up at the same time. 

- Start the practice test at the same time as the real test and take the same breaks. 


Repeating this for several practice tests may help a student develop a rhythm for taking the SAT test and build confidence.


Access practice tests, answers, and how to score your test 


All hyperlinks below open in a pdf viewer. All documents are published by the college Board. 

Practice tests 6 - 10 have hyperlinks for the practice test, the answers, and instructions on how to score a test.

Practice tests 1 - 5 have hyperlinks for the practice test and the answers.

An answer sheet to score a test is attached at the end.

If you are not sure on taking all the practice tests than start with the most recent practice test.


Practice Test Answer Sheet