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Interface Experience

Graphs in this book simulate Desmos graphing calculator interface. Each use case is accompanied by one or more graphs and tips on how to adjust a graph to view the solution. Additionally, Section 2 contains an overview of Desmos graphing calculator features that are utilized in solving the questions on the SAT math modules.

Quick Wins

The 50 use cases, each containing one or more questions, demonstrate the type of questions on the SAT math modules that can be quickly solved utilizing Desmos graphing calculator and, furthermore, reduce calculation errors.

Minimal Learning

The steps shown to solve questions require minimal knowledge of math concepts. Any required concepts are given at the start of the solution to a question. This is ideal for students who are looking to improve their score without much learning.

Gain Confidence

Hone learned skills on 50 practice questions in this book. Gain further confidence by solving questions on the released SAT tests. The book contains a list of Desmos graphing calculator candidate questions from the four linear nonadaptive digital tests released by the College Board and their mapping to uses cases in this book.

Prepare for Variability

A single question can be represented in more than one way. The Notes section in a use case outlines a few variations of a question.

Table of Contents

Sample Pages

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