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Elementary School Teacher
Homework Organization and Help
  • Homework should be a routine that does not create stress and frustration for a student or a parent. 

  • Homework should not take up the entire day after school. 

  • Getting the much needed direction and help to learn effective homework and study skills at an early age will result in better achievement and success over time.

  • ‘Get-to-Know’ day – On the first day, I request that students bring in their textbooks, journals, assignment pads, and relevant study material. I spend the first few minutes (at no charge) chatting with a student about daily school and homework routine and accordingly design a customized study plan.

  • I work with students to build confidence and good study skills. My goal is for students to recognize the responsibility for completing homework in time and accurately.  

  • I work in small incremental objectives I call ‘Agile’. Getting organized is the first step to this path followed by time management and goal setting. Please note that any language other than English is not in scope of the tutoring services. 

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