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Math Class
Fundamentals of Math
  • Getting introduced to the world of math or a new math topic may seem confusing and too difficult, or simply boring to a kindergartner, first grader or at any level. Without development of a strong foundation in basic arithmetic concepts, these feelings could propagate through the years to come.

  • For 1st grade and 2nd grade students, I utilize a combination of techniques to master fundamental math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), fractions, ratios, and word problems. Examples: repetitive and timed exercises such as Mad Minute, math games using cheerios or pretzels, have the student design a game based on what they like. 

  • For 3rd grade to 6th grade students, I ensure a solid understanding of basics and fundamental concepts in geometry concepts, pre-algebra, and algebra.

  • Sessions are individualized for each student based on the short term and long term goals. Some students find that staying a little ahead of the class enables them to fully grasp the classroom teaching and ace a quiz or test. And may be raise the hand when teacher asks a question!

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