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Quick Prep

Students rushing to prepare for SAT math can familiarize themselves with the required math concepts. There are 27 synopsis sections that can be completed within a day or two before the test. 

Review Before the Test

Students looking for a revision/cheat sheet right before the test can go over the 27 sections (34 pages) to refresh the math concepts and take the practice tests to be prepared for the types of questions they will see on the SAT math sections.

Improve Confidence

Take 5 up-to-date practice tests on SAT math sections and experience the type of questions that you will see on the day of the test. Answer sheets are provided at the end of the book. 

Shortest Solution

Each answer solution shows the shortest method to solve that question using mathematical concepts. 

Learn Speed

Learn to think quickly. Each answer solution explicitly mentions if that question can be solved without any calculation or solved using mental math. Mental math solutions will vary based on a student's comfort level.

Table of Contents

Sample Pages

What reviewers are saying...


It helped my daughter prep and revise the material quickly. The concepts were very well explained. And the practice tests helps too. Must have for anyone that wants quick refresher of concepts.


 It's excellent for rapid study and has some excellent key points that helped my son fully comprehend the idea. I will be recommending this book to colleagues, friends, and family.


Very glad that I saw this book on Amazon and bought it for my son one and a half weeks before the test! He completed the review sections and the practice tests in 5 days and improved his score.

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