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Why This Book?

Mission Statement: Provide students preparing for the SAT math with a complete book that enables them to get a perfect score while maximizing their study time.
  • Concise and Organized

Students can work at their own pace. The book is concise and divided into 85 independent categories (question types) that are logically organized into 15 sections. Each category contains the required mathematical concepts, examples, and practice questions.

  • SAT Math Question Format 

Practice. Practice. Practice. All 850 practice questions in this book are based on the SAT tests released so far. Questions are written in the same format as on the SAT test.

  • Shortcuts and Tips

Each example shows the shortest consistent method (call it shortcuts or tips) that will work every single time to solve a certain question type. There are over 200 examples in this book.

  • No Information Overload

The book only contains the material that is necessary to answer questions on the SAT math sections and avoids overwhelming students with lengthy explanations. Students do not have to sift through paragraphs or pages or mark the book for material that is important.

  • Use of Mental Math

Not every, but several questions on both the SAT math sections can be solved without calculation or solved using mental math. A student who has diligently completed this book should be able to achieve this. See how a student should be able to think and solve several questions without calculation or using mental math by following THIS LINK.

  • Complete and Balanced

All math areas outlined by the College Board for the SAT math sections are covered in this book. The book covers all the relevant topics with appropriate balance of material. 

  • Teamwork

Students who have purchased my book can reach out to me via my website or join the Telegram channel for the book.

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