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SAT Math Prep
  • Deciding on which SAT Math book(s) to buy that will cover all the required topics and contain quality practice tests to get the best score can be a confusing process. 

  • My teaching plan covers all the math topics with emphasis on the areas of improvement. On the first day, I give the student a sample SAT test to evaluate the strengths and the areas that need special attention. 

  • Each student’s study program is individualized based on the above sample SAT test. I recommend minimum of 12 sessions, one hour each, to be completed within 4 - 6 weeks. Shorter duration programs are also available but may not be as effective. Depending on the student’s areas of strength and weakness, additional sessions could be advised.

  • Throughout the course of tutoring sessions, I go over study tips to help students remember how to efficiently solve problems when taking a test in a timed environment.

  • Homework is given after each session.

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